Affiliate Agreement

  1. Affiliates will be Payed Out Only through PayPal
  2. It may take upto 3 weeks for Processing Affiliates Payment
  3. If Refund is given for the Client referred through an Affiliate, In case a commission for that is not paid we will Hold it and cancel the Commission. In case a commission for that is paid out, We will deduct the Commission amount in next Commissions
  4. The right to use term 'SringSite Official' in PPC ads and the right to use our LOGO are Denied for all Affiliates
  5. Affiliates can purchase domain names with term 'SringSite' (similar to but displaying an Disclaimer in Header/Footer saying that this is Site is not an part of SringSite is must
  6. Affiliates should not use Coupon Codes that are available on the Web. If Affiliates need Coupon Codes, Affiliates must contact their Account Managers. Usage of Such Coupons provided by Manager may carry out Special Commission and not normal Commission. A Specific link will be provided exclusively for each Coupons, You must use that link to recieve Commissions. If a Coupon Code that's not alloted to you is entered by your Referral, Commission will not be Provided for that Sale
  7. In certain circumstances SringSite reserves the right to Hold/Cancel commission for specific Transactions
  8. SringSite holds complete rights to Delete an Affiliate's account with or Without Reasons and with or without Prior Notices
  9. SringSite holds complete Rights and Access over Affiliates Accounts. SringSite reserves right to take actions on Affiliate's Account/Payment and all other sectors.