SSL Refund Policy

SringSite always wants you to be completely satisfied when it comes to the SSL certificates and web security solutions we provide. If you’re considering a refund or cancellation and feel you may need help, you can always discuss your options via or by contacting our Customer Experience Team via eMail Ticket prior to your cancellation. Our experts can solve your SSL related problem, walk you through the entire SSL process, or help clear up any confusion to get you the certificate you really need. If you contact our Customer Experience Team within 10 days of your purchase date, we almost guarantee you we can fix any issue!!!

In the event that a certificate was purchased for fraudulent use, the purchaser forfeits the right to a refund/exchange and the SSL Certificate or web security product will get immediately canceled/rejected/revoked.

SringSite includes a 29 Day Money Back Guarantee on all Symantec™, GeoTrust®, Thawte®, RapidSSL®, Certum®, and Comodo® SSL certificates and other web security products. In the event you are not satisfied with the product and/or the service did not meet your expectations, SringSite provides easy to follow onscreen instructions in your Dashboard on how to properly submit a cancellation/refund request. Simply locate the order in question and click Cancel either in your Total Order List, Order Detail Page, or Certificate Options Tab and select the appropriate reason.

Please be advised, store credit can be processed instantly, but a refund typically takes at least 3 Days to process.

Any product that’s successfully canceled must not be in use and must be un-installed and/or revoked. SringSite reserves the right to refuse to cancel and/or refund any order that is still in use, not un-installed, and/or not revoked. We guarantee the quality of all our SSL products with a full replacement, refund or store credit of anything you order from our website or by any other means within 29 days of original purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: The 29 Day Money Back Guarantee may not apply to the purchase of additional SANs (Subject Alternative Names) due to certain CA limitations, please contact us to discuss your options.