SSL Terms of Service

All Existing Users and New Users of SringSite SSL Services should comply this Agreement without any Exceptions.

  1. The Work of SringSite is to Purchase a SSL Certificate in an Offer Price from Direct CA.
  2. SringSite isn’t responsible for any kind of Payment Disputes between you and CA.
  3. SringSite doesn’t warrant the Validation of any Certificate that you buy. You should have enough Documentations and Proofs before Purchasing.
  4. All Trademarks and Company Names are Owned by its Respectable Owners
  5. SringSite holds the Right to Stop the Service any time without any reasons and Prior Information to the Client.
  6. Buyer should take care of the Validation Process. SringSite will try to help you with that Process. But it's your Duty to get Validated. SringSite does not warrant you that will get Validated
  7. In any event of dispute the area of Jurisdiction would be Chennai only.